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Well-off Colin lives in a fabulous rooftop apartment overlooking Paris with his friends Nicolas, a chef and lawyer, and Chick, an aficionado of the philosopher Jean-Sol Partre. At a party, Colin meets Chloe, a “girl like a Duke Ellington tune” with whom he falls head-over-heels in love. Their get-togethers — a dance at a party, a visit to an ice rink and a trip across Paris in a cloud-shaped capsule — lead them to the altar. However, the couple’s idyll comes to an end after their honeymoon when a water lily starts growing in one of Chloe’s lungs. The only way to save her is to continuously surround her by fresh flowers in the hope that they will scare the waterlily away. It is not a cheap affair, and Colin spends all of his money to buy flowers. As her condition keeps worsening, and their apartment mysteriously deteriorates, Colin finds increasingly alienating and hard work to try to save Chloe from her illness…


Directed by : Michel Gondry
Screenplay : Michel Gondry, Luc Bossi
Based on the novel “L’Ecume des jours” by Boris Vian, published by Fayard
Cinematographer : Christophe Beaucarne
Music : Etienne Charry
Production designer : Stephane Rozenbaum
Produced by : Luc Bossi
Editor : Marie-Charlotte Moreau
Costume designer : Florence Fontaine
Sound : Guillaume Le Bras
Animation supervisor : Valerie Pirson
Associate producer : Julien Seul


  • Romain Duris
    Audrey Tautou
    Gad Elmaleh
    Omar Sy
    Aissa Maiga
  • Charlotte le Bon
    Sacha Bourdo
    Philippe Torreton
    Vincent Rottiers
    Laurent Lafitte
  • Natacha Regnier
    Zinedine Soualem
    Alain Chabat


A Brio Films, Studiocanal, France 2 Cinema, Herodiade, Scope Coproduction.
In association with Canal Plus, Cine Plus.
Sales : Studiocanal


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