In 1838, George Sand, Europe’s most famous female novelist, falls in love with the celebrated Polish composer Frederic Chopin – and with his music. They have become Paris most coveted celebrity couple when a jealous former lover of Sand’s threatens them and forces them to flee the French capital. George and Frédéric choose to spend the winter in Mallorca, in the company of Sand’s young children, Solange and Maurice.

During their few months on the island, the exile fleeing the Russian invasion of Poland and the rebellious feminist writer build, despite an agonizing number of practical obstacles – which nearly lead to Chopin’s death – something they never quite had: a family. Their surprising and touching romance is told from the point of view of Solange, a sensitive child, who finds in Chopin a surrogate father and a life inspiration in her desire to become a writer herself.

Starting at the time where virtuoso pianists dominated the Paris scene, the film, which covers the creation of Chopin’s celebrated Preludes, is marked by musical scenes that transcend the themes of love, friendship, family relationships and the everlasting power of art explored in the story.


Screenplay : Marjolaine Gout, Luc Bossi.
Based on the true story of George Sand and Frédéric Chopin


A Brio Films production.