L’Extraordinaire voyage du Fakir


In Mumbai, street urchin Ajatashatru is raised by a hardworking single mom and spends his days conning tourists out of their pocket change. The boy has an unusual gift for magic, which comes from his long-lost father — a Frenchman who spent some time in India and has since disappeared. Years later, when his mother passes away, Aja vows to travel to Paris and reunite with his dad atop the Eiffel Tower, making his mom’s dream come true. He manages to scrounge together the necessary resources, which involves swindling a gang of local thugs, then hops on a plane and makes it all the way to Paris. 

The trouble begins when Aja meets a young American professional, Marie, in a furniture store and falls for her. When he spends the night in a wardrobe in the store, he finds himself unwillingly in a truck to London, where he gets mixed with illegal immigrants from Somalia, arrested and deprived of his passport. Sent back to Spain by the authorities, he manages to flee in a Louis Vuitton suitcase that leads him to Rome, in the hotel room of a famous actress…


Directed by : Ken Scott
Written by : Romain Puertolas, Luc Bossi, with the collaboration of Ken Scott, Jon Goldman, based on the novel ‘The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir Who Got Trapped in an Ikea Wardrobe’ by Romain Puertolas, published by Le Dilettante
Composer : Nicolas Errera
Director of photography : Vincent Mathias
Production designers : Alain-Pascal Housiaux, Patrick Deschesne
Producers : Luc Bossi, Jaime Mateus-Tique, Gregoire Lassalle, Genevieve Lemal, Saurabh Gupta, Gulzar Inder Singh Chahal, Aditi Anand, Samir Gupta
Executive producers : Yamina Belarbi, Mario Mazarrotto
Co-producers : Sawsan Asfari, Nicolas Rogister de la Mothe
Costume designer : Valerie Ranchoux
Editor : Philippe Bourgueil
Casting : Marie-France Michel, Sebastien Moradiellos, Rachel Desmarets, Avy Kaufman.


Erin Moriarty
Berenice Bejo
Barkhad Abdi
Gerard Jugnot
Abel Jafri
Ben Miller


Production companies: Brio Films, Vamonos Films, Scope Pictures, Little Red Car Films
Sales : TF1 Studio, Studiocanal


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